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British Horological Institute: the major European watch and clock makers' organization, located in England.
The site is full of information and links in our field. Useful for people who want to become a professional: it can offer excellent correspondence courses. It has a large pictures and hints database and an excellent monthly publication, only for associates.

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors: an American organization with general purposes similar to those of the British Horological Institute. A bit less oriented to the professional and a bit more to the collector. It has an interesting on-line museum and a monthly publication for associates. site of a Longines enthusiast who has also published some of his articles here.

Carlo G. Croce: an authentic horology enthusiast and Clockmaker who made some extremely high quality and technically interesting clocks, like his half size working replica of Giovanni de Dondi's Astrarium and his unique tourbillon clock.
You can see an account of them together with many pictures on his site, well worth the time spent on-line.

Small lathes: a real paradise for the machine tool enthusiast. Many pictures, technical descriptions and even opinions on ALL small lathes and milling machines ever made. It is possible to buy on-line a wide selection of hard to find tools and accessories. The linked Model Engineering is well worth a visit for people who really use a small lathe.

Eternal Tools: Eternal Tools is a global company established in 1999 to fulfil a requirement for precision diamond & tungsten carbide tooling. Based in the United Kingdom, offers a friendly and flexible approach to business with quality products at affordable prices.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich: a real museum of timekeeping where you can see the famous John Harrison's H4, winner of the Longitude Prize.

Bedford Dials: design, print & manufacture of dials. You can have a high quality dial to be applied to every kind of clock or instrument you own. A custom design can be followed to satisfy every need.

Branded Rolex Watch The worlds largest watch resource, to help you make the right decision when choosing a watch.
By providing information on every watch from all luxury watch brands.

 St. Mark's Tower Clock, Venice: Alberto Peratoner, the last clock "temperatore" (custodian) of the clock, collected a large amount of documents to illustrate the history of this 500 years old timekeeper.

Orologi & Passioni: an italian Forum for watch and clock lovers.

Delightful Machines: an eclectic and hard to find site full of great pieces of literature for the horologically minded. Not a "light" reading but very well worth a visit!

Wayne Berry, Clockmaker: prior to ask for a clockmaker intervention, you should make sure that your clock did not stop for a simple problem you can solve by yourself. Here is explained how to do it. a new website totally devoted to tower clocks, with plenty of links and pictures and including a brief history of the origin of these mechanisms.

Creed Clocks: a very interesting site of a skilled clockmaker. You can see his high quality clocks.

Jewelry Advertise: A complete portal where you can find many watches or clocks related sites and much more.

Timezone: a very comprehensive site on wristwatches where it's possible to buy, sell and learn more on the subject.

Derek Roberts: possibly the best site for on-line sales of high quality clocks and barometers.

Watchband: First Class Leather Bands and Batteries. Leather Bands, Steel Bands, Titanium Bands, Rubber Bands, Nylon Bands, VARTA Watch Batteries

Exquisite Opals: High quality stone dials for a variety of watches.

Shoppingtarget - Shopping Information and more.

Swiss Luxury Watches - Shop for discounted new Breguet, Breitling, Blancpain, Patek, Jaeger, Vacheron, Cartier, Corum, Franck Muller, Girard Perregaux, Baume Mercier, Ebel, Paul Picot and many more luxury brands.

Mark Laverton Clocks - Beautifully made authentic Grandfather Bracket and Wall clocks and barometers. French polished English Oak, Mahogany and Cherry , or painted cases. Hand engraved brass or hand painted white dials.

Il Cinturino: The craftmade laboratory, which has been manufacturing leathers for many years, has pursued the purpose to get the maximum of the good quality at a competitive price.

Clocks: the monthly magazine for clock collectors, repairers and makers worldwide 

Horology - Jewelry - Gemology dictionaries: Multilingual dictionary: Clocks - Watches and Horology - Jewery - Gold - Silver - Gem

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